There is a polarisation within the Catholic Church’s teachings. Divine and sin. Devotion and hostility. These poles are harmful and restraining as they leave no room for coalescence. This is reflected by depicting inside and outside, drawing on the same simple image. When used repetitively, images take on new forms to investigate the interaction of the conscious and sub-conscious. The images explored are Catholic architectural features, simplified to their most basic form. These canopy windows are used to honour saints pictured in stained glass, what does it mean if these windows are left hollow?


“Let us observe that this nightmare is not visually frightening. The fear does not come from the outside nor is it composed of old memories it has no past, no physiology.”

-Poetics of Space Gaston Bachelard

Childishly relived in its shafts of light and dark corridors, the home may take on many manifestations. The house, a physical shelter. The home, an emotional outlet. Consistently drawn back to base, to her home, Catriona Osborne continues to find sources of her artistic practice within its walls, extending beyond its boundaries. Studying the reciprocal value with its inhabitants. Playing with the duality of truth and falsities, Osborne tracks memories and childish imaginings. Blurring the lines between public and private. Drawing on little fascinations she produces work in a variety of mediums ranging from pinhole photography to film and from poetry to plaster casts.

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